Dr Pamela Fisher


Pamela Fisher is a sociologist at the University of Leeds. Her work focuses on understandings of resilience from an original perspective. Most literature on resilience places the emphasis on achieving milestones (particularly in education and employment) in order to comply with a normative model of citizenship. Pamela’s approach is in contrast to investigate how resilience is developed and enacted in ways which are innovative, and which potentially contribute to re-writing scripts of citizenship and social engagement. She believes that the highest levels of innovation in this respect are to be found within marginalised communities. Pamela’s definition of marginalised communities is broad and includes groups which are disadvantaged for a range of reasons: social disadvantage, political stigma, mental health, disability, youth, and migration. Her work often identifies ‘spaces’ (both literal and metaphorical) in which alternative forms of resilience are developed which are unacknowledged in ‘mainstream’ circles. She is interested how new identities are produced which move beyond traditional understandings of citizenship. Equally, she has developed a body of work which considers emerging ways of working with marginalised groups, and has a particular interest in co-production. Pamela sees professional practices as inherently political activities which are informed by and which inform understandings of citizenship.

Principal investigator: ESRC seminar series: Re-imagining professionalism in mental health: towards co-production

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