MESH Community Cohesion Services

MESH Community Cohesion Services is a registered charity established in 1990 to provide mediation services in South Yorkshire.  As well as working with neighbours in dispute, we work with families and in neighbourhoods where there are tensions, for example due to antisocial behaviour, or because of reactions to inward migration and social change more generally.

The ECM project was set up in 2013 when Lloyd Samuels and Mubarak Hassan, youth workers and specialists in working with gangs and antisocial behaviour, joined with the MESH mediation team – currently Anna Awad and Lesley Ali.

Our work has evolved over the past three years, funded by the Home Office Ending Gang and Youth Violence programme, the community grants scheme of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, and with small grants from local government Wards in Sheffield.  We:

  • Train volunteers in safeguarding and conflict resolution skills. This includes young people and those who have direct experience of antisocial behaviour and gang life and now want to help others.
  • Provide ongoing supervision and support to volunteers who work ‘under the radar’ addressing community tensions.
  • Develop and work with a group of Community Guardians in a neighbourhood experiencing increasing antisocial behaviour with the inclusive aim of improving the neighbourhood for all.
  • Work with partners providing statutory services (police, youth offending, community youth teams), local councillors and local businesses.

We work in partnership with Who Is Your Neighbour? project on the Community Guardians scheme.

The MESH Community Cohesion Services team include:

  • Lesley Ali
  • Anna Awad
  • Tariq Bashir
  • Mike Fitter
  • Mubarak Hassan
  • Lloyd Samuels